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Ok, so you have looked around but don’t see exactly what you want? No problem. About half of everything we make is customized in some manner. Whether it is the finish, the size, the type of wood, or the design, we can work with you to get the perfect piece.

We typically use hardwoods such as walnuts, maples, cherry, padauk, bubinga, and others as they lend themselves to a nice finished piece that is appealing because of the grain or other features. We finish each piece that will be used for serving food with a food grade mineral oil. In the case of tables we apply several coats of a poly finish. The vast majority of the work is not stained as the wood itself is usually so appealing that a stain will not add to the look. If you are purchasing a table and want steel legs, we use a local blacksmith for the fabrication.

If you have a picture of a piece you like, email it and we can start a conversation on size, wood, etc. Include the estimated size, wood type, intended use, etc.

Please keep in mind that when using two different types of wood, the woods may expand or contract at different rates over time. This can normally be “fixed” quite easily.

Any custom work will only begin when we have finalized an exact size, material, cost (including shipping), and any other requirements that you may have.

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